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The goal of writing is to create space somewhere that's blocked. It’s about opening up, letting thoughts and emotions flow naturally and saying what others dare not to because they're afraid.

- Taylor Rae, Writing Coach & Author

Hey! I’m Taylor Rae

I know how frustrating it can be to work your butt off and never feel like you got any writing done, drowning in self-doubt with nowhere to turn. That’s why I created this safe space for you to get feedback on your writing, develop your storytelling style, and feel excited to express yourself openly with the world when you wake up in the morning. 

This is where you unleash that passion that’s been brewing inside you for years – yet you were too scared of what people would think.Where you ask questions and actually get answers with a mentor who cares, and where we have intimate conversations about what’s holding us back – because guess what? You’re not alone. 

Ready to move your writing from stuck to storytelling? Need feedback and a direction for your story?

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