Specialties include travel, social media, marketing and self development for millenials. Rates start at $0.14 per word. Email taylor@findthefreedom.com
One on one sessions to develop your writing confidence coming soon!
Social Media
Social Media consultation sessions depend on number of profiles and work required. Email taylor@findthefreedom for more information
Editing begins at $39 for 500 words. Send an email to taylor@findthefreedom.com to set up a project.
Content Consultation
Feeling lost in your content strategy? I will be there on the double! Email taylor@findthefreedom.com for more information.
Need some direction for your product? Spend 1 hour with me for $29 and leave with a list of useful ideas for your blog or business. Email taylor@findthefreedom.com

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Why You Need to Find a Creative Haven

Creative havens are one of the best tools writers can have. Because let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to get that creative flow.  Your thoughts get stuck and eventually the mind gets bored with its surroundings – much like when were in school at a young age. Sitting for too long makes us antsy. Stress and […]

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You’re not a writer until you understand this..

Aren’t you tired of second guessing your ideas? Spending countless hours staring at the blank page and blinking cursor? Me too. It was exhausting and I got far too many headaches from it. The next time you’re thinking about writing or you sit down for hours but nothing comes out, think about these three things. […]

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Don’t make a scene..

I bet you’ve heard that before. When your parent had to yank you out of the aisle at the grocery store because you were throwing a fit. Or when you got a little too heated during that argument with your significant other. It’s a natural thought for people to have – don’t be noticed. The incessant stares and […]

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